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One of my closest friends has a burden on her heart to see abortion ended.  She talks about it to anyone who will listen. She attends pro-life rallies. She writes letters to politicians. She spends hours upon hours praying and talking to girls on the sidewalks in front of our local abortion clinic.

One of her longtime friends is Lila Rose.

Perhaps you've heard of her?

At age 15, Lila Rose founded Live Action, a youth-led, non-profit, pro-life organization. Since then she'd made it her mission to uncover the illegal and inhumane practices of Planned Parenthood through undercover videos.

{You can visit LiveAction's facebook page here to stay updated.}

Her latest video has been all over the media the past few days. In this video, a Planned Parenthood manager gives advice on child sex-trafficking to two people she thinks are a pimp and one of his prostitutes, but are really actors working for Lila Rose. 

{If you haven't already, watch the video here}

Abortion is an issue I never heard or knew much about. That is, until I met my friend. 
Somehow, though I knew it happened, it was glossed over in my mind. Well, really, it wasn't in my mind at all, and definitely not anywhere near the vicinity of my heart. 

But God has used this dear friend to break my heart for something that is very close to His: that is, the  115,000 unborn children murdered for mostly social reasons every day.

And He's also changing my heart regarding the women and girls who have abortions. I have seen them go into the clinics with desperate faces; some set in steely determination, others with eyes on the verge of tears lowered painfully to the ground, some all by themselves, others ushered in by fierce-looking men or reproving mothers. I want to shout, to run after them, to take the baby away to somewhere safe. 

But they do not carry their children in their arms.

(A sign on the front door ominously reads "No children allowed.")

And so I can't. I can't shout at them, I can't run, for it would do no good. 

I can't protect those helpless babies.

The worst part is the cross sitting in the side window. That was when my heart-breaking happened.
To be honest, I lost it.

And I hope I never get it back.

I don't ever want to become comfortable with this again.

Oh Lord, would you never let this reality fade from my conscience! Give me your heart for the hopeless as well as the helpless.

With all that's wrong in the world, I often feel powerless to effect any kind of change. But I choose to press on, for He who promised is faithful, and I know that at the end of the race I will not have run in vain.

And so I encourage you to be strong and of good courage, to be bold in what you say, in what you do, in what you give, and especially in what you pray for.
We have full and privileged access to our Father's ear.

"Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need."
Hebrews 4:16


  1. Abortion is truly a tragic thing. I came face to face with it two years ago at a Christian music festival and let me say, I was stunned. Never had I seen pictures of what abortion does and wow, I was so shocked and heartbroken. It would be wonderful if one day, we could say, there is no more abortion!

  2. It's not impossible (for with God, all things are possible)! But more has to change than just laws to get there...

  3. Great post! I watched the video online when it was aired and so much appreciated all the work and thought and conviction that went into it. I still remember when I was in my late teens, and I came across photos and videos of aborted babies - I balled my eyes out. How God loves those babies! How God cares about the girls and women who need Him. How we should weep and be changed.


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