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Today I created a new etsy Treasury called "The things we love.."

It contains 16 handmade items that, you guessed it, we love. And here's a sneak peek:

You can take a look at the whole collection by visiting:

For those of you who are feeling confused right now: A Treasury is a small, hand-picked collection of items for sale on etsy.com that look good together or that the creator wants to promote.

This Treasury includes items I've selected from the shops of members of the Handmade for Life, ChristianArtists, and EtsyYouth teams.

Inspired by the concept of a museum gallery,  the person who creates and manages the Treasury is called the "Curator," and the sellers whose work is included are called "Featured Artists." Each day, several Treasuries are selected by Etsy to be on their home page. So making Treasuries is a great way to spread the word and promote fellow artists.

Pretty neat, huh?

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