Don't hold back.

One day you might find you have more to give... and 
no one to give it to.

{artwork by nanlawson}

I am from Texas.
My closest friend is from Canada.

Last month, she moved back. We are about to be camp counselors together. And then in three weeks, we must say goodbye.
That day will mark the end of two years of living, working, ministering, sweating, praying, crying, talking, exhorting, and growing up together.

That season is over.

Sometimes I feel like I'm mourning a loss I feel sure is coming, like visiting my grandma in the hospital every day before she died.


INSPIRATION: Quite clever, I think.

{photo from bayousalvage}

When my grandma passed away a few years ago, she left me a lot of her clothes. She was always a classic dresser, and we're about the same size. Some of her things I can wear just as they are. 
That pale pink, linen blouse with covered buttons down the back? Yes, ma'am.

That dark, floral corduroy skirt that went down to my ankles? 
Eh, not so much.


Note to self:

{photo from houzz.com}

STUDIOUS, adjective. [Latin]

1. Given to books or to learning; devoted to the acquisition of knowledge from books; as a studious scholar.

2. Contemplative; given to thought, or to the examination of subjects by contemplation.

3. Diligent; eager to discover something, or to effect some object; as, be studious to please; studious to find new friends and allies.

4. Attentive to; careful with.

5. Planned with study; deliberate.
For the frigid villany of studious lewdness, for the calm malignity of labored impiety, what apology can be invented?

There's something about summertime that has a detrimental effect on my productivity. Maybe it's the indelible heat. Maybe it's having a room all to myself. Maybe it's the fact that there's a pool in my backyard.

Or maybe it's just that my tendency to procrastinate is currently in an ideal environment to flourish. Yeah, probably...


Roses are red; violets are blue.

Lace is for weddings, and flowers are, too.

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Hello, moonlight.

{artwork by alliette}

The sun is out of sight...
But the moon reflects his light, chasing darkness away with a cool, pearly glow.

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A finale (or, the end).

The year is over now...
Until the next one, at least.

It won't be the same.
But I must remind myself: It will be better.