INSPIRATION: Quite clever, I think.

{photo from bayousalvage}

When my grandma passed away a few years ago, she left me a lot of her clothes. She was always a classic dresser, and we're about the same size. Some of her things I can wear just as they are. 
That pale pink, linen blouse with covered buttons down the back? Yes, ma'am.

That dark, floral corduroy skirt that went down to my ankles? 
Eh, not so much.

So I shortened it to my knees, added pleats, and voila! People actually think it's cute (photos to come soon).

But there are more interesting items of clothing where that came from... and they just need a wee bit of help before I take them out in public. And I needed some inspiration.

*Enter the photo above.*

So thank you, Bayou Salvage.
I think those little re-purposed lace sleeves are a wonderful idea, and now I want to try it...
And perhaps you do, too?

Would you wear something like this, or is lace not part of your personal style?

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  1. This is lovely, although lace is not part of my personal style.


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