This is what happens...

...when an experiment goes awry. 

I've been wanting to do some "granny" squares for a while. I like the fact that you can use them to make a blanket without toting the whole thing around with you (because I do most of my work away from home). So I tried one out.

The original pattern was called "Alhambra" and was supposed to be about a foot square.

But once I got there I decided I didn't like it enough to make twenty-some-odd more like it. So I improvised and added on to where it is now.

But the question is:

What is it?
(Or what will it be?)


  1. A quandary, indeed! I think it looks lovely, though. :)

  2. My first thought was a doily, but I imagine that the yarn is too thick. The next thought was a "flashback" to when I was little and my Grandmother had "furniture doilies" There was one on each arm of the chair and one on the back where your head would rest. :) I do agree, it is lovely!


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